Haven’t been feeling like writing lately

I’m not doing as much writing lately. I’m so tired and just resting and giving in to that and letting it happen. I suppose I’m learning more each day how to be more like a normal person instead of go go go. Realizing my limits is a nice change of pace.

We evacuated for the hurricane and since most hotels were taken kept driving, in the back of my mind I heard “Birmingham”. I drove to Birmingham, Alabama and it was awesome. I saw fireflies and haven’t seen them since I was 17 or younger (many moons ago!)

Part of the excuse for this month has been that I drove 1400 miles or so in a week. Also since lots were leaving it was like rush hour traffic for about 10 of each of the 21’ish hour drives there and back. My parents and niece (together) went there too since they thought the idea sounded good too. I didn’t know Birmingham was in a valley in between mountains, it’s so gorgeous and chill there and everyone seemed nice.

It was a nice change from muggy hot and rude people in south florida that tail you all the time. Some drivers were crap there too (like anywhere) but it really seemed like less ‘me me me’ and that was nice.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do as far as offerings on the site and such , so for now it’s a blog and maybe that’s all it will remain or not, who knows, whatever fits!