In light of the recent school shooting

People need to understand they are guilty for things they don’t do, just as much as what they do.

No one embraced him, are you really surprised this happened? I’m not surprised when people snap, I’m surprised when they don’t.

How do we fix or prevent this?

Maybe there is no way, but we can try. The next time you see someone hurting, do something about it.

Even if it’s just to hold them while they cry. No it’s not your problem or responsibility, or is it? We could all use a little understanding and a moment of understanding from a fellow human, stranger or not.

“Are you okay? I’m here if you need me.” Then be there. Show up.

Take the risk. Put yourself out there, reach out, connect.

If the Neanderthals could solve problems that long ago through social support, so can we.