I hate asking for help
Asking for help sucks

When I was forced to ask for help

It seems like every time I go to do something lately I get stopped by a process or unexpected hurdle. I was recently forced to ask for help. The tasks were mostly small but nonetheless, they were unavoidable.

I wonder what the universe could be trying to tell me in times like these. Is there something obvious I’m just missing?

Am I not fully seeing some signs I’m going down some wrong paths?

Is it random?

I tend to believe that life isn’t really all that random.

I think about the secret or the Law of Attraction and then wonder why I’m drawing hurdles and roadblocks ‘to’ me.

If it’s true that we are a product of our thoughts, what thoughts are bringing me to this point? To the point of almost completion with tasks but then a slow down?

There is one pattern that is emerging and it’s that I’m being forced to stop at these hurdles and ask for help from other people.

Getting the feeling that the true lesson for me here is accepting that sometimes other people have to help me get things done.

Something I struggled with was surrendering to the fact that people do things on their own timeline.

I have to surrender and step back and accept that they may not even complete the tasks and it will adversely affect me.

Two weeks ago this ‘bad’ thing happened and I realized I had to ask for help.

I drove off and hid in my car and cried for 45 minutes because there was no way I could get this done without asking someone to help me.

Or in the case of lately, they care more than I ever expected.

It has helped me bond with people that I’m not sure I had bonded with before. It’s forced me, in one instance, to¬† reflect on a situation from years ago that was painful.

It has surprisingly brought about some understanding, healing and compassion to what they must have been going through.

I had to ask for help because it was a requirement and have been surprised at the feelings that I had triggered by it. Even finding that I missed old situations in my past that I had previously perceived as stressful.

Being pushed by the universe to ask for help has opened my eyes to my false sense of independence.

It’s time to acknowledge those in my life that have helped me and to simply thank them.

To give them an opportunity to serve me too.

Time to be open and accept the fact that maybe this was happening all along. I didn’t properly acknowledge people in my life that help it along too.

I was just thinking of my own movie and being my own main character, just like everyone else.


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