Hi there!  

I’m Anne.

You are meant to be here. Really. You didn’t find me for no reason. You are meant for something truly amazing

I’m here for YOU.

I’ve always been able to pick up vibes and work to hone that more and more.

It wasn’t always like this.

I came to accept this path through a lot of kicking, screaming and wanting to just be ‘normal’ (whatever that means, right?)

I’m here to release your fears with you. Your voice matters.

Through a reading for clarity or to accept your gifts fully for yourself.

I’m a psychic, a medium, clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing) and mama of two wonderful boys.  I’m very much a techie (by day) as well as spiritual (by night). I’ve always been able to pick up vibes that others haven’t and I denied it for a very very long time.

I don’t want you spending too much time being afraid of your gifts because I’ve been there and it sucks! And it’s scary!

I’ve had a lot of death in my family. I’ve helped folks like you with career and life path ideas. With love and relationships (even ran an advice column in my teen years!) and death and grief as well. Those are the biggest of the many specialties I offer in this life.

I graduated from Debra Katz International School of Clairvoyance.

I’m a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, and a Certified MBTI Practitioner. 

Other fun facts: I’ve got a cat named Pirate. I nerd out to herbal remedies and supplements with my husband (it’s kinda addicting. Like learning that zinc can help with getting rid of grey hairs! 😉 ) and I love Keto!

Do you love reading as much as me? Check out the book list! If your library is as awesome as mine you can do audiobooks on your commute!