Hi there!  

I’m Anne.

A psychic, a medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient and mama of two wonderful boys that is also very much a techie as well as spiritual (by day and passionate). I have always been able to pick up vibes that others have not.

I’ve spent far too much time being afraid of my gifts and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

I also have always been asked to help people with career thoughts and ideas, helping remove barriers and blocks, especially about love and even death and grief as well. Those are my 3 specialties it seems.

When I was 19, in the fledgling days of the Internet, I had a web site to give advice “For teens by a teen”. It was quite popular and I didn’t even know how I knew what to say, I just did. It was mostly about love and it was spirit speaking clairaudiently through me.

I’ve since got ‘serious’ after releasing my fears through the help of amazing psychic mediums like Amanda Linette Meder. I graduated from Debra Katz International School of Clairvoyance in February 2017.

I’m also a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, and a Certified MBTI Practitioner.   

Check out my book list if you love reading as much as I do (these days audiobooks are my go-to during commutes)