hey there. We’re a couple. We’re married. We’re so in love with each other we want to merge our souls.

Oh. And we both… Love. To. Learn. It’s not just something we say (ask our families, they’ll confirm 😉 )

It would be ridiculous to mention all of our interests and research we’ve done. This site is really just a place to put our notes. It’s easy for us to search them and figured why not be ‘open source’.

We’re always grateful to find others sharing their findings or random nuggets or notes, so doing the same.

We’ve done everything from source and make our own baby formula (both of us) to diving deep into Egyptian mysteries (gary) to taking copywriting courses (anne).

Ridiculous. to say we’re obsessed with learning would be an understatement. 

Our only problem is wanting more time on earth to learn more. We don’t watch much t.v., we don’t watch sports, we just learn and learn. It adds up, whew.

That’s not a judgement on people who do, we’re just tech geeks, psychology nerds, and nutrition enthusiasts.

We love to research, find patterns to help people and share.

And we wanted a place to put all our stuff. If you’d like to reach out to us, we’re at devnull at the above domain (written that way to detract spam bots)