On holding back your gifts!

Holding back your gifts…we’ve all being there. There’s never a time for me when it’s not a little uncomfortable or even a bit scary (mediumship, working through that). This is part of your growth though and it’s necessary. Validation helps when it comes and it’s totally normal for you to want evidence. Its common in …

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is dmt natural?

Do psychics naturally trip and are you missing out?!

Fact: we have DMT naturally in our bodies. You produce more when you’re breathing or breathing deeply.  Or…in a trance or meditative state. Psychics and mediums pick up subtle energies and vibes fast. Psychics have more ready-to-go DMT than most people. Like a drive-thru. We get fries with that. even if we aren’t asking. Kinda …

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Homebirth success

Home Birth wasn’t scary

It turns out that Home Birth wasn’t scary for me after all! With the third cause of death in the U.S. being medical mistakes… Having your child at home, as long as you don’t have any high risk factors such as twins and gestational diabetes is just about always safer so I opted to birth …

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make your own baby formula

How to make Homemade baby Formula – Easy and affordable!

Update 10/18/18: Our son is 7 months old and still thriving! He’s opening kitchen cabinets ALREADY! Scooting around in his baby walker and going backwards. Everyone comments on how intelligent he is! He’s already grasping things and seems very advanced. We know the truth, it’s good nutrition! Grateful I didn’t have to resort to giving …

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MTHFR – Are you a mutant too? – Cue X-men Music

After finding and correcting (going to pediatric dentist) for my son’s lip tie and tongue tie we went into research land at my house. Some say lip and tongue tie could be caused by a genetic ‘mutation’ called MTHFR. The two most researched of these genes are A1298C and C677T I got my raw data …

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Energy saving tips for your spirit!

Oh yes, that energy overwhelm. At times, I feel so much and intensely that I assume things will just magically work out. Even though I’d rarely admit it, the danger of doing of energy work for a long time is fooling myself into automatically doing workings without thinking about it and getting too cocky. Don’t feel …

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How to unlock your inner Drill Sergeant

Warning: Cuss/curse words Think of Full Metal Jacket and hear that guy yelling “GET OFF YOUR ASS NOW” How bad do you want it?   Put this on (or whatever song works for you) and imagine yourself walking in slow motion, like a badass and throwing a match on all the shit in the way …

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When you try too hard and get sick of yourself

It sounds funny to word it that way I suppose but that’s what happened and why I’ve had a lull in writing. I was trying to just write about my spiritual side and that’s so damn hard. That’s just one thing and while it can be vast in the topics I enjoy and such…it’s just …

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