Between the Worlds

Putting my first blog post here to show my journey began with honoring my intuition.

Exactly 30 days before I  (around November) went to the Between the Worlds conference in Wilmington, DE I had a series of plaguing dreams, premonitions, and totem animal occurrences.

I believe that I am 1/8 Native American (which reminds me once again I need to confirm with my Great Uncle before he passes what tribe it is. I don’t believe anyone saying it’s Shoshone because Shawnee and Cherokee were in Kentucky in his area from the research I did, I think someone misheard Shawnee Shoshonehone)

I’m going to be posting my notes and journaling different experiences that I have like an online BOS (Book of Shadows).

I kept telling myself, what do all these signs mean?! I was determined that I must connect them.

I have the sort of ‘psychic’-ness ability but I have doubted this many times in my life because they always feel like “assumptions” that are somehow always right (not with everything in life, just with certain stuff).

So I wrote down in my notes to try to figure this out as I believe in Totem animals.

  • Dragonflies crossing my path (messages of change)
  • Spiders (Saw 3 of them and one directly watching me, Grandmother Spider/Web of life)
  • bee (busy life change?)
  • Girl in dream, dark haired girl, do I meet her? will she guide me?- I was on a boat a floating dock with other people and we were trying to make travel arrangements to other floating docks. Even though I was in the middle of a dock in this lake I wasn’t afraid. I felt like, what are we going to do?
  • I feel ‘in between the worlds’

So I googled “between the worlds” because I was thinking of making a blog called this.  I thought maybe I can help other people figure out their weird premonitions or just figure out my own. I figured I could just vent (what I’m doing now, ha!) and there it was.

It all fell into place rather quickly as my mom readily accepted to watch my son that weekend. I found a flight easily and a good deal on a car rental to fly into Philly.

I thought okay this is freaking crazy, isn’t it?!  To go to a city I never been that’s about 1,000 miles away randomly. To find it 30 days before this event and what.. I mean by myself, what will happen? What am I thinking?

I just knew though. I knew it was what I was to do and needed to do.

At no time did I have deep down, have any doubt whatsoever and that was an amazing feeling.

I decided this trip will be the ultimate test of my intuition and power. If I don’t “find” what I was meant to be there for, then I will not trust it anymore. If I do then I will trust it forever and never doubt myself again, no matter how difficult it is.

When I saw the first panel of people speaking I immediately knew I was meant to be there at that exact time. Right, when I walked in the room I felt ‘it’.

I don’t know what ‘it’ was or how to put it into words but I saw the speakers and for the first time in my life thought “I could do that, I could be up there right now, I’m as much an expert as them.” and I pictured myself there.

I remember reading in corporate books comparing men and women and how men see themselves when they start a job in the corner office and encouraging women to do the same. I never got that feeling anywhere, no matter where I went but I did there. Now I finally understood!

People have always looked for me to be a teacher and guide ALL my life and I’ve always avoided it for fear of .. what? I don’t know, now it’s time. I need to teach my son and he has helped me grow so much and I’m ready to open the doors.

I came out of the broom closet to my boss even, and she was wonderful and accepting (and even told me she can see auras! confirmed mine is yellow/gold!) that’s the second person in my life that has told me that.

The color of a true witch I was told, of a teacher. I need to accept my fate finally and help others. Also, I want to write kids pagan books and lesson plans, I have so many ideas! That conference was just what I needed!