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On holding back your gifts!

Holding back your gifts…we’ve all being there. There’s never a time for me when it’s not a little uncomfortable or even a bit scary (mediumship, working through that). This is part of your growth though and it’s necessary. Validation helps when it comes and it’s totally normal for you to want evidence. Its common in …

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is dmt natural?

Do psychics naturally trip ?! Are you missing out?!

Fact: we have DMT naturally in our bodies. You produce more when you’re breathing or breathing deeply.  Or…in a trance or meditative state. Psychics and mediums pick up subtle energies and vibes fast. Psychics have more ready-to-go DMT than most people. Like a drive-thru. We get fries with that. even if we aren’t asking. Kinda …

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Energy saving tips for your spirit!

Oh yes, that energy overwhelm. At times, I feel so much and intensely that I assume things will just magically work out. Even though I’d rarely admit it, the danger of doing of energy work for a long time is fooling myself into automatically doing workings without thinking about it and getting too cocky. Don’t feel …

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The 4 Powers of the Magus – To know

Those of us White Witches have this thing called the Four Powers of the Magus and one of my favorites is To know. Carl Jung referred to something very similar. In my research, I’ve found that most of ‘us’ quote this but we don’t know where this came from. I believe Carl Jung started the idea …

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Do I have to physically see auras to read them?

Before taking clairvoyant class I had always assumed that I had to see auras with my physical eyes. It turns out that the color you perceive in your mind’s eye is perfectly acceptable and usually on point. Most places I’ve heard about and read on reading auras will tell you to practice by having a …

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How to stop psychic doubt!

Is it just my imagination Or did they think, feel, say that? I’ve wondered this countless times in the past. I’ve mostly dismissed feelings or impressions about someone, something, or some situations. Have you ever had this experience? Only later to find that you were completely accurate? It was so easy to doubt what I’d get. …

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I see dead people

So ya know, it HAD to be a title, eventually! I feel kind of like an idiot. In a good way, I guess. Which seems to be often lately but I’m learning, that’s the important part. I’m listening today to common psychic signs and they were saying if clairvoyance is strongest for you, you can …

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holy f*ck.. I’ve always been a medium..denial is futile now

I’ll first start with my medium back story so this will make sense.. sort of. I was doing a ritual a few years ago after my best childhood friend had died. I did a ritual for Aphrodite, I even got her flowers on the altar and all (I’m normally very kitchen witch about it, so …

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Was that psychic or just my imagination?

She has seen partners, the more feeling of the two, channel the emotions of the other.
The more 'logical' one dumps feelings into the other partner that gives themselves greater permission to feel emotions. And then expresses the emotions outwardly of the repressed partner. Since it really doesn't belong to them, they cannot deal with the emotion as effectively as they can with only just their own emotions.
They may become quite unbalanced, even hysterical.

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