Automatic Writing: Channeled message

Channeled message: A story

I ¬†stopped and breathed in and let myself connect to a spirit as I’ve been learning in my training and wrote, here is what I heard (I ask them to speak on my ‘right side’ so I know it’s not “me”). A few times I felt myself in it and pulled back and refocused and connected. Here it is:

When I saw her in my view I could not get her out of my head after then. She had this glow about her, she vibrated at such a level that I could not ignore. I did not know it then , when I was a human.

That I could not have guessed how important she would be in my life. I walked over to her in the crowded party and just simply asked her name and she replied Mary.

She felt blue, she had a blue outfit on maybe but I didn’t know of such things while alive.

She said something funny and I laughed and corrected her grammar and she kind of gave me a dirty look. I was always kind of proper and stuffy and she was such a light in my world from the moment our eyes met.

We married weeks later and everyone thought we were crazy, especially my sister. I kind of wondered if I was going crazy a bit but there was something about her.

When I went to war she waited for me for many years and we wrote letters. They were always filled with naughty things that I’m sure many people wouldn’t have expected from people as proper as us.

It was such a sweet homecoming and when I got back we had 4 kids. Two boys and 3 girls, one died in childbirth, unfortunately, so 5 total.

She’s not with me yet but she is dreaming of me and I of her. Soon we will be together again, she’s not feeling too well lately.

Can you let her know I love her and I will always be with her. Let others know that love can happen fast and I don’t care what the stupid people say.

Ignore them, if you feel it, let it go, what others think that is. Feel your heart and embrace life because you won’t remember this plane for long.

Enjoy each moment, feel your breath in your chest, enjoy all the sensations that life offers because that is the greatest expression of love. Living.