I see dead people

So ya know, it HAD to be a title, eventually!

I feel kind of like an idiot. In a good way, I guess. Which seems to be often lately but I’m learning, that’s the important part.

I’m listening today to common psychic signs and they were saying if clairvoyance is strongest for you, you can play things in your mind like a music video. Memories, and vivid detail in your minds-eye and seeing situations and also flashes of things.

For me? ALL. THE. TIME. I thought everyone was this way???!!!

As I’ve learned, we all are, to some degree, we ALL have it, just have to hone it! I’ve seen apparitions (yep, dead people)  twice and it like the “Hollywood” style of a face. Usually though, it’s a wisp, light, forms, corner of the eye sort of thing.

So one the other day as I stood in the kitchen realizing, oh uhh.. I did NOT move the window crayons up to that shelf. It was really strange as they were far too high for me to put them up on this top shelf. Even remembering it now, I get an eerie feeling now…I really didn’t move that item, I really really didn’t, I said to myself. Then .. I felt a pressure on my chest.

Then I that a spirit was here and RIGHT NOW isn’t it. Yes..yes it is. It is. Oh god it is. Yes.. it is.

Then I tried to relax and remind myself like I was taught “It’s okay, it’s just a person, it’s just a person, just like you and me, just without a body.. whew ok ok”

I was still scared but tried to remain open and sat down at the kitchen table. Then looked over at the window and yeah.. a shadowy figure of a face, a man’s face formed outside. On the glass window just outside as more details formed I whispered, please stay outside. I’m scared, can you come in a less creepy form? (as I’ve also learned to say, to help them know how to appear)

I tried identification techniques I learned and asked them to speak to my right side/ear. That is the best way to know it’s “not you” because its so easy to doubt when you are a beginner.

That anxious feeling that came just before I saw him still kinda weirds me out but I do know it’s because I was startled. It was fast and I thought as I tried to calm myself and remind myself that I was just startled.  It’s surprising and a bit creepy to see a shadowy face outside your freaking glass door. So I tried to go easy on myself.

I explained I’m new, I’m sorry, I’ll try to help or receive but I’m scared. I explained that I might be scared for awhile so we may have to ‘reschedule’ whatever this is but I promise I’ll try. I happened to have a pen and paper there and asked if it male or female (even though I saw him, male) and heard the name “John.. John and Evelyn” That’s when I more clearly saw his eyes, they were blue and piercing.

Way to creep me out bro.

Then I did revisit them /allow the connection again in the forest walking the next day. I just heard them, faint whispers when I reconnected.

I searched on google for John and Evelyn and this came up.. fertility doctors. That WAS HIM.

I asked for confirmation a few hours later (when in the woods on my walk when I reconnected) they confirmed that it was them.


I was nervous again because seeing a picture physically matching one you see without a physical pictures surprised me! I said goodbye and thank you. I don’t know what to do with it yet. I’ll add it to the pile of experiences.

I’ve met my gatekeeper guide. Apparently, we have 2-8 guides total (One spirit protector, one gatekeeper guide you can ask to guard the gate so to speak for you, whew) and others to guide you. Everyone does, kinda badass. So my gatekeeper guide is Jason, he’s a young blonde dude that is chill. Totally INFP 😉


The podcast is excellent, check it out!

And Amanda’s site.  I love it and took all her classes! http://www.amandalinettemeder.com/blog/2014/7/17/11-signs-you-can-see-spirit