Innovation: Chaos Magic

Out of the storm , innovation is born.

“Chaos magic theory says that belief is an active magical force. It emphasizes flexibility of belief and the ability to consciously choose one’s beliefs, hoping to apply belief as a tool rather than seeing it as a relatively unchanging part of one’s personality.”

Chaos magic is the idea that something magical is born out of chaos.

Out of the raw, unfiltered and unhindered process of exploring ideas. The stupidest, wackiest, ridiculous ideas along with the heartfelt, deep and soulful ones.

Getting the funnel going is something that seems a bit difficult. We have to feel safe to be able to express our ideas, from the mundane to the magical.

Without that sense of safety from ridicule, shame, guilt, innovation can’t manifest.

Radical honesty can only truly come when we feel safe and that’s where true ideas are born.

Embracing chaos, going against the grain. Following your heart and feelings and finding a network of non-naysayers is important.

Each day, meeting or time we can wipe it away, like a mandala. That is washed anew each time, like the phoenix, reborn into something stronger.

As it is wiser from it’s previous travels but burns away anything that tries to attach to it. 

Old memories, old wrongdoings , anything that hinders progress. Anything that stalls movement. Movement and forward motion is the precipice for which chaos thrives upon.

Being at the edge of that cliff and daring to look down.  Strapping on the parachute and trusting that it’s cord will open for you.

Or don’t trust it and jump without any idea of safety and just let go. That is chaos, that is life, that is innovation.

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