Folic acid is bad, FOLATE is good for you! The natural form is folate

MTHFR – Are you a mutant too? – Cue X-men Music

After finding and correcting (going to pediatric dentist) for my son’s lip tie and tongue tie we went into research land at my house. Some say lip and tongue tie could be caused by a genetic ‘mutation’ called MTHFR.

The two most researched of these genes are A1298C and C677T

I got my raw data and found I have two copies (one from both parents) for A1298C – which means I’m a mutant, *cue Xmen music*. Partly, it means I can’t handle synthetic folic acid.

I should be taking folate not folic acid.

If you have this ‘mutation’ too don’t take folic acid! Look at the labels to be sure it isn’t in your food too!

It can cause you all sorts of issues if you have this (which I do, glad to know, thanks to Jack and going down the rabbit hole of this!)

It’s kind of stupid to call it a mutation really, when it just means you can’t handle fake stuff. 30-50% of the population has this mutation.

Once again, interesting. This is all assuming the gene is turned ‘on’, epigenetics is yet another thing we are researching.

tl;dr: 23andme and DNA tests can be *really* helpful. Additionally, you can download your raw genetic data and plug it into this site for free to find possible issues:

I also have two copies of VDR Taq, which means I can’t process Vitamin D as well , might explain being pale.