Energy saving tips for your spirit!

Oh yes, that energy overwhelm.

At times, I feel so much and intensely that I assume things will just magically work out.

Even though I’d rarely admit it, the danger of doing of energy work for a long time is fooling myself into automatically doing workings without thinking about it and getting too cocky.

Don’t feel bad if you are new to energy workings or any new skill as it’s beginner’s mind that is your greatest strength!

One of my ongoing problems is that I don’t meditate traditionally and have always beaten myself up about it. What kind of spiritual person am I if I don’t meditate “correctly” , I’d chide myself about!

Then I realized that I *do* meditate all the time but just need to typically be moving or doing it in a non-traditional way.

When doing the dishes or something mundane and routine, I’ll meditate then. Anything can be a meditation!

While walking I’ll clear my mind and spirit and feel this deep sense of peace and tranquility and total emptiness of being.

I’ve noticed that I need to stop and smell the roses a bit more often and not assume I can just wave my hands and make people feel all healed and perfect. Although I can pull quite powerful energy it does drain me when I don’t take proper precautions beforehand and that’s not the proper way.

I’ve found a good exercise that I do personally when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I find a sink (as water is my easiest element to personally connect with) and wash my hands but pause after finished. I feel the water rushing over my hands and then imagine it’s flowing all down my body inside and out and back into the sink, ‘washing away’ the grime of mundane and all bad things.

Another good exercise is feeling the warmth of the sun (if it’s out) on my skin and feeling the radiating sunlight pour through me in much the same way visually.

I also use the wind and imagine it going through my body. I see it moving all through me taking away everything and leaving me empty and peaceful as it blows through me, around me and by.

For earth the best is to simply take off my shoes and really feel the grass and dirt under my toes. That’s the best feeling!

As a kid I’d run around without my shoes all the time. Then my aunt tried to deter me by telling me that little worms can get in your feet, ew! She was just trying to get me to stop running around barefoot I think. Hope some of the tips could be of use.