Yin energy

Many modalities of healing are fascinating to me. They all have something to share and have their distinct separate helpful pieces too.

I’ve been struggling with health issues and stress.

Really stress before the health issues because that alone can cause issues.

We’re all stressed in ‘these times’ but mine has been next level. I was in the hospital twice for two weeks total. Thankfully got out on my birthday, just before COVID got crazy. Still not fully healed.

I’m realizing that I haven’t really been as in touch with my spirituality. I mean who has time, right?!

But it’s important, I’ve been too much in my yang energy and need more yin.

It’s necessary because I am the sole person employed outside the home. It’s a lot of pressure and I get why men in that position say it’s no picnic either.

So I’ve got a yin yang necklace split into one half yin (feminine) and one masculine (yang). Kept the yin side and used to wear it nonstop. I stopped doing that because I felt I didn’t need it.

Well, flash forward two years and I need to put it on again, and did.

It’s a reminder to be gentle, feminine, yielding more than pushing. A reminder for me to slow down. To breathe. Meditate. Rest. Allow things to get done and flow naturally rather than push.

Both energies are helpful at times but in my case I always have too much yang. I push for a time until I get sick and want to just learn balance so that doesn’t happen.

This is my declaration to learn to be still.