Category: Embracing Feminine Power

Don’t forget your power

A few years ago. “What’s your greatest personal achievement?” the interviewer asked. I asked him to clarify that he didn’t mean work, he meant personal life. He confirmed it. It was a job interview. Why was he asking that? I knew he wasn’t going to like the answer but the truth was right there. Maybe …

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My journey with femininity or how the heck I learned to be a woman

My journey really began when I was sick of feeling this hole in my life. I knew something was missing but didn’t know what and I was tired of feeling bad about myself. I was tired of not knowing where the heck to go, what direction I was taking and felt like I was trying a little bit of …

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The 3 biggest secrets to meeting the right person are simpler than you think

The 3 biggest secrets to meeting the right person.

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