Your immune system is your biggest ally

(and probably lots of Vitamin D)

***Blah blah I’m not a doctor, don’t sue me. These are basic tips that haven’t hurt me in all the years I’ve done it. Annoyed enough seeing news spreading misinformation.***


I’ve done virus research for well over 10+ years. Why? I had my own virus struggles.


Separately, I’ve heard it’s possible HIV and AIDS are two different things, but no one researched it. Ended up learning a lot about viruses and immune systems.


Vaccines are pretty much pointless against viruses. This is why Flu shots can’t ever seem to catch all the strains. They mutate (as you’ve probably read or seen). One shot isn’t going to do much good.


Why? Immune system needs to be pumped up continually. It’d be nice if one shot did it but that’s not how bodies work. Admittedly, we all know little about the body.


You’re way better off jacking up your zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and taking L-Lysine. That’ll actually help. Houttuynia cordata too, kills Sars. Pro tip: Recommended daily values barely cover you (except for zinc).


Houttuynia cordata kills Sars. This is why I named my domain Cordata. It’s an amazing healer.


Also known as ‘fish mint’, you can get it in a powder, mix a tsp etc in with honey and take sublingual *under tongue*.


I repeat. The immune system needs to be pumped up continually.



  • 50 mg of zinc (one like Optizinc is good. Don’t need more than 50 mg a day. Zinc depletes Copper – don’t take this long term as Copper is ESSENTIAL for the body’s energy production and utilization.)
  • 2,000 MG at least of Lysine. Bonus: Lysine also helps with anxiety, empty stomach for best results. (Told a Dr about anxiety and he thanked me after researching it, told patients, said I should go into healthcare, lol!)
  • 2,000 MG at Least of *WHOLE FOOD* Vitamin C (camu camu powder, etc). Do not take together with Lysine, wait a few hours in between. They aren’t good co-factors/absorption with each other. Some people can handle 7,000 mg but I feel gross at more than 2,000, depends on you.
  • Vitamin D (from foods such as Mushrooms, but preferably from exposure to sunlight or a Sun-Lamp. Don’t use supplements.)


Have on hand if you feel something coming on:

  • Houttuynia cordata if you feel symptoms coming on – literally kills SARS. Can get it in powder form and swirl around with honey and take sublingual *under tongue*.

More notes:

“Once inhaled, the viruses begin attaching to lung epithelial cells They use a kind of agglutinin (a substance that glues things to itself its name shares a root with the English word ‘glue”), a hemagglutinin to bind to what are called sialic acid linkages on the surface of airway

epithelial cells. (This is one mechanism by which plants such as Chinese skullcap and ginger stop influenza infections; they are hemagglutinin inhibitors.)”

***Etc, etc, this isn’t medical advice don’t sue me. Sad I have to put this but doing it anyway***