Soul balance partners



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There is a category that isn’t spoken of often that I have learned and experienced again. Soul mates can come in all forms and this confuses some as most tend to just think of romantic based ones.

We exist in soul groups and there are any number, even thousands, of people you are meant to meet in your lifetime.

Most of them you’ve met before and are there to help work mutual issues.

Balance partners feel an awful lot like romantic partners and can be mistaken for such. I believe many think they’ve found their twin flame but it’s really their soul balance partner.

They can come into your life in a flash, and be gone just as quickly. Or they can be around for many years.

It all depends on what you agreed to in your soul contract before you incarnated in this life with them. This soul and you may have agreed to meet up to learn certain lessons, or to have fun, to balance each other in some way.

This is also why there is no way to predict the future with any kind of oracle with any true certainty. Think about it, you’d change anything that was ‘bad’ coming your way and not grow from it if you knew what was coming!

We need to experience certain things for our souls to grow and us to grow as people on our journey. A good resource for balance partners.

We typically meet more than one balance partner in a lifetime and risk getting hung up on those experiences. They enter our lives when a balance is needed for one or the other and are meant for fun (mostly).

“Once you connect – the excitement and shared communication seem unmatched by any other person you have met to date. You speak to each other frequently and that’s because you are helping each other remember who you really are. ”

“Spiritually you enhance each other’s growth. It is an exciting time as you ‘trigger’ each other’s awareness. It is as sometimes as if one of you has half of the information you both seek and the other the balancing half. You can share dreams – synchronizations – and more. ”

I’ll bet you can think of a few people who you’ve experienced this with. I know I can!