Category: Soul Mates

We can get into soul mates, soul groups and how we believe the souls may travel around in the plane after they shed their bodies.

Types of Soul Mates Cheat Sheet

The ones I’ve encountered so far. I’ll keep updating this in case you love cheat sheets as much as I do! Mirror Soul – Someone that is nearly identical to you in all ways. You heal by seeing yourself through a mirror. These are easy to see with others but not with yourself until later …

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10 ways to attract your soul mate faster

Live your own life and have your own hobbies dreams and passions. Seems simple but many people spend time ‘waiting’. Stop waiting and love who you are, where you are right now. Accept yourself as you are, no one is perfect, period. Like attracts like. Know what you want. Focus on their character. By this …

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Soul balance partners

  Photo found here There is a category that isn’t spoken of often that I have learned and experienced again. Soul mates can come in all forms and this confuses some as most tend to just think of romantic based ones. We exist in soul groups and there are any number, even thousands, of people …

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