Removing dark entities and negative earth bound spirits off of people.

holy f*ck.. I’ve always been a medium..denial is futile now

I’ll first start with my medium back story so this will make sense.. sort of.

I was doing a ritual a few years ago after my best childhood friend had died. I did a ritual for Aphrodite, I even got her flowers on the altar and all (I’m normally very kitchen witch about it, so this was a big deal for me). I don’t remember the details of that but I can never forget what happened next.

I’ve only told a handful of people because I didn’t quite understand what was happening.

I have always felt an immense amount of energy in my solo rituals, far too much. It’s scared me off to solo rituals in the past for a long stretch of time.

She was all the sudden there. My deceased childhood best friend was there with me mid-ritual. I tried to shake off the feeling but there it was, she was *there* and calling to me and she needed my help.. ? Then I saw flashes of her spirit and she was a silhouette of a person.

There was something attached to her somehow and feeding off her spirit. It was black and extremely dark energy and not very nice (to say the least.)

I breathed and knew I had to help get it off her. I closed my eyes and imagined my crows, dragons and any other Gods and Goddesses I could ‘call’ to aid us.

I took it off her slowly and kept asking for protection and sensed giant black crow wings cover me randomly throughout the process.

Then it was off her! I was so glad, but then it tried to attach to me. I kept pushing it away and asking for protection over and over again. I asked the dragons (they seem to protect me at times like this when I feel or sense that sort of spirit) to destroy it for me please. I thanked them profusely as I saw it go away.

I could feel her gratefulness. That was the first and only time I’ve ever experienced anything like that. I was minding my own business about two days ago during work, listening to this podcast of these lovely lovely psychic ladies while doing boring spreadsheets/research..

..and they described this exact thing! I felt misty upon hearing it and my heart beat a thousand times a minute.. how had I never come across this?!

I felt misty upon hearing it and my heart beat a thousand times a minute.. how had I never come across this?!

It turns out that entity was a dark ‘earthbound spirit’! I’m not sure how it attached itself to her and followed her even into death!

I got the sense it helped play a part in her death possibly as well. When we die we see a light and for many reasons, some choose not to go into the light. They become bound here on earth until they decide to see the light.

About 3-10 days after physical death one has a choice. Spirits always have a choice but if they want to be sure a loved one is okay or many other reasons, they may not go into the light. Or they are super atheist and don’t want to believe in a light, it could take them a bit longer to see it.

Here it is the podcast that explained it.

Here is a whole section about attachment spirits from Sarah Petruno’s blog.

I went into the darkness and helped bring light, a true lightworker moment and realization.

There was no doubt in my mind that what occurred was absolutely real. Only the fact that I knew many people could not handle hearing such a thing, hence the select audience. Now I’m am so happy to know of this that I don’t really care about what others think.

I know what I am.

It makes more sense now that I felt home when learning and training in Wiccan, Pagan and occult practices overall. If I wouldn’t have known about grounding and centering, spirits and protective shields, etc.. I could never have successfully done that otherwise.

Among the whirlwind of life, my world is kinda rocked right now. It’s still sinking in.