Past life regression meditation
Past lives in Germany. Past lives

Past life regression meditation…well I wasn’t in Salem ;)

So.. I decided to do a past life regression meditation (guided) that I got awhile back. I’ve had it for awhile and tried it once but fell asleep the first time. The second time couldn’t remember if I fell asleep.

I must have because this time I was like.. oh.. I don’t even remember half of this so I must have.

I did see something… what is funny is the guide says to imagine a corridor with doors (so I picture tree lined, of course 😉 )

One door I was drawn to and said NOPE, not that one, not ready (ooh, now I’m gonna have to make myself go back) and picked another one instead.

I’ve heard a few times that I’ve had 32 lives so far.

Whenever someone said to me in the past “Oh hey Anne, we are a doing past life meditation..” I’m like nope! I have even physically walked away, more than once. I had zero interest in touching it, for a long long long time. Being already in the occult world and walking away from it was odd to most people.

So I decided last year to slowly inch my way closer to it and lately am I so afraid of finding out?! I mean..something serious must have gone *down* for me to be so nervous. Then, if it really was 32 lives, I mean.. how could sh*t have not gone down? That’s just logical.

It was really Brian Weiss’s Many lives, many masters book that made me reconsider it and even *gasp* not fear death. A prominent psychiatrist’s experience with a patient and just… yeah.. anyway.

She guided us further to look ‘down’ at myself and see what I was wearing. I instantly felt my neck being stifled a bit. When looked down I saw I was in a black long dress that was very simple and had a few small embellishments. My left brain was like “Oh I must be in the 1800’s or something” I’m like shhh left brain (had to tell it to shut up quite a few times, to STOP trying to figure stuff out and just ‘receive’)

I looked around and I was indoors and it was winter.  I lived in a city but the houses were lined up together attached and a tiny pebble-like street. It was quite industrial and I didn’t sense I was in the U.S.

I tried to walk outside and someone said hello to me and tipped his hat. I got nervous and put myself back inside. I was very shy in that life, that’s for sure.

I looked in the mirror and I had long very straight black hair and it was up in pins and I was quite pretty. I had a bonnet type of thing going on too. It was just me there so I tried to get a year and it was 1692 , in Hamburg , Germany.

I googled that later, well I guess then I wasn’t burned as a witch! woo.. but about 5 years after that the Plague.. so… ehm..probably my demise as well.

She said in meditation to move forward a few years and see what you see. Then I saw a white petticoat kind of thing that I was wearing and was holding a baby. I looked up and saw my husband and his blue eyes.

I instantly knew him for he was an ex of mine in this life.

We smiled at each other, in this life, with so much love, caring and then back at our baby. Interestingly, in this life we lost a baby together and stated “Our son will come back to us.” years before things ended up ending. In this life, he didn’t really want children.

Part of me wonders if that is why. Since we were all taken by the plague or our child in the past life was taken from us first. I wonder how long our past haunts us. I’ve since seen more of another life in another meditation again… it’s healing so far.