Types of Soul Mates Cheat Sheet

The ones I’ve encountered so far. I’ll keep updating this in case you love cheat sheets as much as I do!

Mirror Soul – Someone that is nearly identical to you in all ways. You heal by seeing yourself through a mirror. These are easy to see with others but not with yourself until later (at times, too late, depending on the situation). You can easily see others butting heads with their Mirror Soul.


Soul balancers or Messengers – These are short lived relationships typically. We bump into these folks and us with them, all the time. That weird sense of dejavu when a near stranger says something that was *just* on your mind, then it sparks something in you to figure out a pattern for yourself.


Twin Flame – The other half of your soul. They have lots in common but also differences. There is only one. People very often mistake this connection for the other ones listed. This is what sparked me to make this list.


Security & Trust souls – A mother or father type person or relationship. This is that wonderful mentor you’ve had in your life or teacher that just feels so familiar.


Healer souls – Someone that shows up after a traumatic event. They seem to just know you so well so fast. It’s someone you feel comfortable opening up to, an empath. They may even pop in and out of your life as needed and vice versa if you are also a healer soul.


Catalyst souls– These usually seem to be shorter lived relationships. They can be fast and intense, getting to know someone really quickly. This is the most commonly mistaken soul mate for a Twin Flame, in my opinion. They can be terrible relationships, amazing short lived -taken too soon feeling from you relationships, typically romantic or feel romantic because of the intensity level.


Karmic souls – These are also typically short lived or have a finite timeline. They are only here for one purpose and you in their lives as well. To heal old wounds from past lives and finish the debts you or the other owes to you. These can be bullies, violent relationships or traumatic relationships. One thing is for sure, your life is sure to change when you encounter each other.


Guardian souls – These amazing old soul angels in real life show up just before or after a violent situation. To either protect you before an event but sometimes after a violent life event. They protect you while you can get healing. It feels as if they were a warrior soul for many lifetimes and a soldier. When they stop battling themselves, only can they truly be there for themselves and others.