The Protectors you’ve probably never heard of: Guardian Soul Mates

Another soul mate type you need to add to your list: Guardian Soul Mates!

I have met a verified three Guardian souls, in my life so far. One that told me what he was and that he reached me too late and felt guilty, after one violent situation.

These are old souls that have considered or have entered into the police force, martial arts, nursing, protective type of fields at one or more times in their lives.

They feel responsible for protecting everyone else but can sometimes forget themselves.

When faced with another violent situation, I met two more guardian soul mates along this path.

One a good friend I still have today and one, a lawyer, that literally came to my rescue out of the blue (and was a Druid Pagan). They are very much Guardian angels in real life and tend to have a difficult time not rescuing people, even in their love lives.

I felt like I was able to be protected by these Guardian souls so I could heal myself while being safe. They bring a gift before or after such life events.

It feels as if they were a warrior soul for many lifetimes and a soldier. When they stop battling themselves, only can they truly be there for themselves and others.

When they learn to temper this, they can fully come into their power.

Many don’t realize how amazing they are and that all heroes don’t wear capes. <3