Valkyries – The original angels

Lovely music to listen to whilst you read:

Valkryies, the original angels of death, were maidens sent by Odin to choose which soldiers that died on the battlefields were worthy of the journey to Valhalla. They were lead to this great hall by the Valkyries. The rest went to Freya’s field.

Valhalla – derives from Old Norse Valhǫll, a compound noun composed of two elements: the masculine noun valr ‘the slain’ and the feminine noun hǫll ‘hall’.

“Although the Valkyries were most often depicted as battle maidens, they were not warriors. The medieval perception of the battle-dressed Valkyries may have come from the contemporary discovery of prehistoric burial sites of ancient female warriors interred with their weapons. ”

All of life is cycles, as the pre-Christian Norse believed with Ragnarok.

My feelings on this:

Everything that lives is holy.

Everything that dies is holy.

We must fall apart to be renewed.

Bend with the wind.

So we don’t break.

Allow ourselves to fall.

So we may rise again.