Isa – The Rune of Hidden Power

Isa – The Ice Rune

I love Runes and always long to explore them more.

This is a good one for now as living in a tropical place makes it hard for me to think of “ice”. Then I think about all the wonderful benefits an air conditioner has!

Isa teaches you to work with yourself, by yourself. It will teach you to extricate yourself from harmful, unhealthy, or non-productive relationships and stand on your own two feet. Isa is about being alone, confident, and powerful.

What I find interesting about ice is that in its liquid state it is warm flowing and flexible water. It makes me think of some people and how they can allow themselves to get as they get older. Sometimes we all go through some bad experiences and come out on the other side a little more ‘hardened’. Instead of just seeing my experiences in a ‘bitter’ and hardened way, I think Isa is helpful in that I can take my experiences and use the lessons learned but not allow the hardness to creep in.

We all go through bad experiences and risk coming out a bit more ‘hardened’. I feel the message of Isa is to not allow anything in your life to harden too much or stagnate.

Isa asks us to see our life experiences as lessons and not give into the temptation of bitterness. Isa reminds me that I can take my experiences and embody the lessons learned.

It is always a good idea to think of where in our life we have stagnated and prune accordingly.

Isa is helpful as there are certain boundaries we must remain steadfast in and not allow others to sway our decisions. Like those of you that can live in a frosty climate are badass to me. As I don’t know that I could handle living in a cold place again!