lightworker family members

My grandfather was a lightworker

My Grandfather’s spirit was that of a lightworker.

Was someone in your family a lightworker? I remember once helping him dig up potatoes when I was a little girl. It was a tough job so by helped, I mean I giggled with him. He laughed at my silly jokes while he did all the real work.  Everywhere he went my grandfather lit up the room.

Every person he met left happier than they came to him even if they weren’t sure exactly why.

He had two girls and he wasn’t ashamed to let his little girls put makeup on him, when they begged to play with him. He loved his family more than anything and anyone could easily say he had a heart of gold.

When my grandfather had a stroke and was in the bed on breathing machines.. his next trip was the Hospice, where they take off the breathing machines. They make everyone as comfortable as possible before they pass, my mother and I visited him.

I had just learned about energy manipulation in my Wiccan training. He was lifeless all day, an oddity for him.

My grandma (his wife) held his hand as did my mother and felt little to no response. I went over to him and held his hand and he held it with very little pressure.

I filled my body and spirit with as much love as I could. I imagined while doing this to send energy to him so he could use it in any way he chose.

He had been Catholic but had stopped going to church many years prior. I wasn’t sure what religious affiliation he had so I  gave him general healing energy.

As I did this through my fingers he squeezed my hand so hard back I thought he was going to break it. I didn’t let go even though it hurt because it felt like I needed to.

I trusted my intuition as it had gotten me more response than anything else had.  He never did wake up but he didn’t stop squeezing. I just let him continue until he was done.

I felt at the time that he was comforting me or trying to.  He had wanted to be cremated and unsure religiously what he wanted, we decided a Catholic Memorial Mass would be good.

Men and women he had worked with over 30 years ago that he hadn’t talked to in 10 years or more came. They all talked about how wonderful and what a great man he was. It was so sincere that I was really moved.

The church was flooded with people for him. He was so loved. I thought to myself “He was the light”. I was not sure why I thought this phrase until years later.

I realized what he was doing and he wasn’t just taking my energy. He passed his light onto me. He taught me how to shine by being a guide without trying.

I just truly realized that and it struck me so deeply. I knew that day something had changed but I wasn’t sure exactly what. I was told once by someone “You have more power than you even know or can see.”

Shortly before this incident I was also told by some stranger that my aura was Gold. He was having fun reading people’s auras in a restaurant and my friends were excited. I tried to hide behind a friend so he couldn’t see mine but he pointed to me anyhow.

He said he only saw the gold aura one other time ever (he was about 50) so I think something in me was already there. I always had people tell me very intimate things easily and didn’t understand my purpose.

My grandfather’s job here was to shine and he was a healer.  The light’s intention is to heal others. I was never a healer like he was and more of a seer. I greatly admire healers and those that can walk in the dark to bring others to the light.

I realized when I was pregnant with my son and looked down at my pregnant stomach 12 weeks in and out of nowhere heard myself say outloud “He is the light”.

The light he gave me was meant for my son and to carry my children into creation and being with protection and love. I am the carrier of the light and have always been and didn’t know it.

I have learned that it doesn’t matter who you touch if you warm someone’s heart. Nothing else in life really matters all that much as love does.