The 4 Powers of the Magus – To know

Those of us White Witches have this thing called the Four Powers of the Magus and one of my favorites is To know.

Carl Jung referred to something very similar.

In my research, I’ve found that most of ‘us’ quote this but we don’t know where this came from.

I believe Carl Jung started the idea and Eliphas Levi also referenced this concept. I was remembering my trip years ago to Delaware for the Between the Worlds conference. It was in my very first blog post talking about how I went there solely based on my intuition.

Deciding if I got there and discovered why I was supposed to be there that I vowed to never doubt my intuition again.

Truth be told, it’s hard not to doubt intuition sometimes even still.  I try to trust it hopefully 90% and leave a margin for error (being an imperfect human). I’ve found it helpful to combine it with asking questions to confirm or deny whatever impression I’m getting.

I will get feelings and impressions of what is really going on beneath the surface of people or situations…or the vibe in general. When I ignore these, I get into trouble.

When I went up to ask a question at a writer’s conference, I was nervous but scanned the crowd in some intuitive way and then asked it (as my original question was already answered) from what answer I received.

It seems the more I trust myself and what I know deeply to be true the more I can make more leaps in my intuition. I seem to find things faster and access information in time to help people I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

A sort of even silly example is when I got a cat a few years ago even though I wasn’t sure I wanted one. My two cats had two died a few years earlier (13 years old, kidney disease and old age) . My son wanted a pet and I agreed to three fish (poor carrot didn’t make it, his name for it) so we went to the shop again.

I had this strong pull to the other side of the store and there was a cat. He was black and had gorgeous green eyes.

I debated on holding him or not (I love boys cats) and decided to. He immediately leaped from the cage onto my shoulders and walked around on me purring. He also nuzzled my child. I filled out the application the next day to rescue him/rescue place and he was mine immediately. Apparently they planned to move his location the next morning. That means I would have missed him had I visited any later.

These are signs of our intuition and trusting the 4 powers. To be silent in arguing against ourselves and our knowing, to will and have the strength to take the risks we deeply know we should and let it unfold. We really do know, after all.

Don’t ignore those ‘pulls’! You know!