How to unlock your inner Drill Sergeant

Warning: Cuss/curse words

Think of Full Metal Jacket and hear that guy yelling “GET OFF YOUR ASS NOW”

How bad do you want it?


Put this on (or whatever song works for you) and imagine yourself walking in slow motion, like a badass and throwing a match on all the shit in the way of your goal:
How good will you feel when you’ve done it? Focus on the goal to fuel the fire. Imagine people cheering and telling you how awesome you are for when it’s done.

They probably won’t but you will feel like a badass and know you are and that’s what matters.


Remember, you are a badass. You can do this. You can. Do. This.

You are a born star and you were created to kick ass and look good doing it. It doesn’t matter if anyone cares or knows about it, you aren’t doing it for them, you are doing it for you.

Are you not worth it? Nope, not true. Get up, get off the couch, if you are tired then power through it. It will be worth it, trust me.

Take that critical voice that tells you aren’t that you aren’t good enough and say well if you want me to be better, help me get off my ass.

 “I want you to change, now you are going to be in my ear telling me to get the fuck up.”

The only person responsible for getting shit done is you. Not your mother, not your brother, lover or cousin. You define you. You create you.

No one else is going to get you what you want. Only you are.

Every single time you hear the voice in your mind tell you that you won’t make it. Or that you won’t win or it’s not worth it I want you to tell that voice to shut the fuck up.
Over and over, no matter how long it takes. It will shut up eventually. I did this with painting when I was insecure at first and that voice kept coming back. You can do it.
“No one will like it” 
“It will be ugly”
“You have no idea what you’re doing”
“Look how much you are going to mess it up”
“You are wasting your time”

I cranked that music louder and told it ‘fuck you’ ‘fuck you’ over and over again.


The only one stopping you is yourself. Get to work. Make it happen!