Black Currant helps for seeing in the dark

“Black Currants May Help You See Better in the Dark
One of the first vision declines that many experience as they hit their 40s and 50s is difficulty seeing in the dark. If you’ve ever been stuck not being able to read the menu in a dimly-lit restaurant, you know what we’re talking about.
When researchers studied the effects of one type of anthocyanin, cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), they found people taking it had significant improvements in their ability to see in the darkness. <> [iv] What made this study especially remarkable, however, was that among those taking a 50-mg dose of black currants, the improvement occurred after just 30 minutes!
You can find C3G in its highest concentration in dark berries like black currants, but this is far from the only vision benefit that these berries offer.
More Black Currant Benefits: Vision-Promoting Properties
The anthocyanins in black currants have been found to increase blood flow to your eyes as well as help prevent oxidation, which is important since your eyes are under constant stress from ultraviolet light, computer screens and other strains, placing them at high risk of oxidative stress. They’re also known to help reduce eye fatigue and increase visual acuity.
Still more research supports the use of black currant anthocyanins for specific eye conditions, such as glaucoma, <> [v] cataracts and <> macular degeneration, as well as promoting night vision and possibly helping nearsightedness. As written in TotalHealth Magazine: <> [vi]

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