Isn’t it weird sense stuff and not be able to say anything?

It’s strange sometimes. I tried to do a mediumship reading awhile ago and I didn’t get it right. Then I held back and was aware I was. I was scared of what I saw.

I don’t wanna give people bad news. Or what seems like bad news.

I know life and even death isn’t all love and light all the time but I wish it was.

Sidenote: If you noticed I’m gone from Fakebook (Facebook) I am. I don’t miss a damn minute of it. I’ve been connecting more in real life with the people around me. It’s been beautiful.

I’ll probably try sometime when I’m not afraid to tell someone that I see their mother in spirit. <3

The annoying truth is once I get past my fears, I’ll probably be able to bring comfort to people.


That’s how fears work, eh? The truth is always the opposite of what your fears tell you.

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