Holding back your psychic gifts and suppressing who you really are serves no one.

On holding back your gifts!

Holding back your gifts…we’ve all being there. There’s never a time for me when it’s not a little uncomfortable or even a bit scary (mediumship, working through that). This is part of your growth though and it’s necessary.

Validation helps when it comes and it’s totally normal for you to want evidence.

Its common in the metaphysical space and psychics are skeptics by nature (annnddd you do have a guardian). Don’t beat yourself up for it. It’s easy to dismiss our gut instincts and feelings for what we think is logic.

When I say what I see during a reading it amazes even me how accurate it is. How fast it comes.

The key is: Not holding back. Say everything you see even if it makes no sense. What you say, write or feel called to do may not be for you (not directly) but it can be very healing for all.

Yeah, it feels raw and vulnerable! But it’s exactly what will open everything up. You gotta fling open those gates!

In the latest reading I felt this opening up feeling at the top of my head and it was new to me and amazing.  I just let the words pour onto the page and in IM for the reading and realized how not alone we all are.

It’s easy to think that science has all the answers.

Much of science actually explains our gut instincts/intuition but most people don’t look into it.

(physics, newton’s 3rd law, quantam theories in general, etc)

The data is always there and has been for a long time. Embracing yourself spiritually is good but it’s not necessarily all spiritual but definitely natural.

It’s natural for us to be in tune with our deepest selves and with each other.

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