Thoughts on Psychic Mediumship

I just heard about 15 minutes ago that my mom’s friend died

..and a book I felt called to get just days earlier arrived tonight..the three friends would go out every Thursday night..her first night not being there.

(‘Contacting the spirit world’ by Linda Williamson)

I knew she was in hospice and her favorite color was orange. During my lunch time nature walk I decided to bathe her in orange light. I felt her nearly immediately and gave her love and light and strength along with comforting words. I “walked with her” for lack of a better word and spoke with her.. spirit? I’m not sure but I just went with it.

Tonight, about 8:30pm before I knew she had crossed over the night before (I had no idea all of today she crossed over last night).. I felt something very strong in my son’s room and so did he and he did NOT want to sleep in his room.

I said to go away, that didn’t seem to work so I yelled GO AWAY SPIRIT WE WANT PEACE, GET OUT because I STILL felt a presence.

Then read just a few minutes ago that she died last night 🙁 . Oops..

I let her know if it’s her she can come back. It’s just like though.. I dunno wtf I’m doing exactly yet. Probably more I do know how to follow my intuition, which is what I did yesterday. I suppose that’s the thing, I’m not sure how to comfort her but I know I want to, maybe that will be enough.

I suppose this book will teach me, funny. I was listening to John Edward audiobook from the library. It was about getting in touch with your psychic things and 90% of it was stuff Pagans already know.

Clearing chakras, how to meditate in a realistic, REAL way. You know how when people say “Nothing is happening!!” are doing it right if nothing is happening. It talks about psychic protection, smudging, house cleansings (really!). It amused me. So I know a whole lot more than I thought I did, so maybe you do too 🙂

It amused me. So I know a whole lot more than I thought I did, so maybe you do too 🙂