Was that psychic or just my imagination?

Was just jotting down notes from Debra Katz book and noting it here for my psychic book notes, in case it helps you too!

How to know the voice/feeling/impression isn’t just from you or your imagination:

-It surprises you
-It’s not in a language or manner of speaking or communicating you usually do/use
-There is no logical reason for you to feel that feeling, if it’s sad, angry, sexual, etc
-When it feels totally out of your control, nothing seems to change your mood immediately
-Confusion, disorientation or inability to think are signs that someone else’s considerations are in your head.
-If you are ‘channeling’ someone else’s feelings, you could be angry in that person’s presence for no known reason.
(You could be picking up on their unexpressed anger and channeling it through your body)
-Emotions are most often not our own when they are overwhelming
-Joy and excitement can be shared, makes sense that everything can be and we all affect each other

She has seen partners, the more feeling of the two, channel the emotions of the other.

The more ‘logical’ one dumps feelings into the other partner that gives themselves greater permission to feel emotions. And then expresses the emotions outwardly of the repressed partner. Since it really doesn’t belong to them, they cannot deal with the emotion as effectively as they can with only just their own emotions.

They may become quite unbalanced, even hysterical.

A common male/female dynamic has been utilized for centuries by emotionally repressed men in order to justify their superiority over the women they label as ‘irrational’ or “overemotional.” (Thanks history)

Ironically, if and when this person (often male) begins to take responsibility for the proper expression of his feelings and re-own them, his partner will consequently be freed from feeling the effect of his emotional energy, and both partners, along with the relationship, will reach a more harmonious state of equilibrium.

It’s a great book and I’ve since went on to take her clairvoyant training.