Category: Mediumship

How to stop psychic doubt!

Is it just my imagination Or did they think, feel, say that? I’ve wondered this countless times in the past. I’ve mostly dismissed feelings or impressions about someone, something, or some situations. Have you ever had this experience? Only later to find that you were completely accurate? It was so easy to doubt what I’d get. …

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I see dead people

So ya know, it HAD to be a title, eventually! I feel kind of like an idiot. In a good way, I guess. Which seems to be often lately but I’m learning, that’s the important part. I’m listening today to common psychic signs and they were saying if clairvoyance is strongest for you, you can …

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holy f*ck.. I’ve always been a medium..denial is futile now

I’ll first start with my medium back story so this will make sense.. sort of. I was doing a ritual a few years ago after my best childhood friend had died. I did a ritual for Aphrodite, I even got her flowers on the altar and all (I’m normally very kitchen witch about it, so …

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