Mixing Runes and Tarot Cards together

Yes, you can mix Runes and Tarot Cards together!

I wanted to mix the two because one day I couldn’t decide between them. I heard many years ago that mixing Tarot and Runes can be very beneficial. It’s great when you aren’t exactly sure what the card means when you get it in a reading.

You can use Runes for more clarification instead of choosing another Tarot card.

I also went through my books recently and had forgotten that I already had two gorgeous Rune books. One is a workbook and another is a Tarot workbook I hadn’t even used yet but always intended to someday.



The rune I chose to focus on is Jera – Pronounced yair-a : Year;  a rune of good harvest, of the right use of natural/organic processes. Rune of results and rewards. The fruit of a well-planted tree. This is a Rune that signifies a major life shift after a long lesson. Something I’ve experienced lately myself.

I’ve learned it’s okay to fall apart when bad things happen and rely on the support of those around you. It’s also okay to find what the spiritual purpose is and rise again. We are constantly learning new lessons and onto the next.

Jera is the bringer of gentle revolution and abundance for your creativity and hard work.

I think this can go very well with the Tarot card,  Judgment I’ll include the typical Rider-Waite image below:

I have the Cosmic Tarot Deck (which is out of print) so I took a picture of mine below:


I connect *much* more with this image.

Judgment, whether from yourself or others is very important to keep balanced in life.

If you aren’t comparing and contrasting your experiences with others then how can you be sure you are living your best life?

Judgment card via Cosmic tarot is about breakthrough and transformation and the need to forgive. I think this extends to forgiving myself and others for the past, present and future.

I feel like only when you look at yourself with judgment but kindness can you get to Jera, to that good harvest. It’s not temporary joy like Wunjo, but a deep life altering shift in knowing.

I don’t think a good harvest in life comes without some work. It may come more naturally for some than others sure, but anything worth truly having isn’t always easy. I think ‘right’ things should flow easily and that’s how you can tell the difference but if it’s a constant struggle then that is something to look at.

Look at the seeds you plant in your life and think about what type of harvest you are reaping. Is it one you want? Are you going the direction you set out to?

I think that’s what Jera and Judgment can offer together.