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On holding back your gifts!

Holding back your gifts…we’ve all being there. There’s never a time for me when it’s not a little uncomfortable or even a bit scary (mediumship, working through that). This is part of your growth though and it’s necessary. Validation helps when it comes and it’s totally normal for you to want evidence. Its common in …

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Energy saving tips for your spirit!

Oh yes, that energy overwhelm. At times, I feel so much and intensely that I assume things will just magically work out. Even though I’d rarely admit it, the danger of doing of energy work for a long time is fooling myself into automatically doing workings without thinking about it and getting too cocky. Don’t feel …

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Do I have to physically see auras to read them?

Before taking clairvoyant class I had always assumed that I had to see auras with my physical eyes. It turns out that the color you perceive in your mind’s eye is perfectly acceptable and usually on point. Most places I’ve heard about and read on reading auras will tell you to practice by having a …

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Is your house the right fit for you? Numerology knows.

Numerology has always been a subject that I’ve enjoyed dabbling in. Since I’m about to move again this came up during my reflective time. I started wondering about house numbers and their spiritual meaning. Could the number on our house that we chose, reflect something in our lives we need? I have moved often so it’s easy …

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What to do when Mercury is in Retrograde!

Mercury is in retrograde and that means it appears to be moving backwards or turned away from us. It is believed that Mercury affects our communications, electronic or verbal. I’ve found it’s best not to try not to do any “big” things during this time. Big things like signing contracts, get married, get divorced, buy …

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Using your personality type to deepen your spirituality

MBTI and Spirituality – It’s amazing to mix them when you know what the letters mean. I did a presentation and discussion a few years ago at my local CUUP‘s chapter study group on my two favorite subjects! Psychology and Spirituality! If you haven’t heard of Myers-Briggs 4 letter personality type test there is a *wonderful* introduction …

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