What to do when Mercury is in Retrograde!

Mercury is in retrograde and that means it appears to be moving backwards or turned away from us. It is believed that Mercury affects our communications, electronic or verbal.

I’ve found it’s best not to try not to do any “big” things during this time.

Big things like signing contracts, get married, get divorced, buy a house and if you must then double check the fine print!

Plenty of planets go retrograde from time to time but it seems Mercury affects more of us because it is known to affect communication. Try not to take anything too personally during this time if a friend says unusual things or if you feel extra sensitive to it.

It is a good time for introspection and discovering what you really want in life and for organizing things (like say, your closet!)

It’s an excellent time for evaluating your entire life. Is it going according to your wishes? Do you feel fulfilled? Who are you…really and do you like that person? What do you want to change? A life inventory and deep introspection is perfect for this time as you are more closely connected to you, than to others at this time.

Leave some extra time for planning (as random mishaps can occur). I must say I didn’t realize that I long ago got married when Mercury was in Retrograde and it wasn’t a good idea.

I was careful to check numerology, dates and signs when I got married to my husband and it’s been wonderful.

I’ve worked in the tech field for many moons and every …single.. time.. Mercury is in Retrograde people experience the weirdest problems! I swear they go away.. after Mercury is back to turned to face us. Everyone I work with ends up agreeing with me that it really seems to be a ‘thing’.

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