How to stop psychic doubt!

Is it just my imagination

Or did they think, feel, say that?

I’ve wondered this countless times in the past. I’ve mostly dismissed feelings or impressions about someone, something, or some situations. Have you ever had this experience? Only later to find that you were completely accurate? It was so easy to doubt what I’d get.

I remember when I first started attempting to accept my gifts (which took years) after fully realizing not everyone saw things the way I did.

I assumed everyone could see visions, dreams and communications the way I did.

Or maybe that’s just what I told myself. I was nervous and downright terrified when some images, words and pictures came to me. I willed them away quite often. A strong no goes far towards spirits of all sorts (quite far, if you ever aren’t sure what to do and want it gone!).

The book The Gift of Fear- by Gavin Debecker was recommended to me and really helped open the door to trusting. Gavin is a former CIA consultant and talks about trusting our intuition and instincts. We are the only creatures that ignore our feelings and instincts for ‘logic’ or to ‘be polite’ and get ourselves into danger.

I’m currently a bit over halfway through my Clairvoyance I training with Debra Katz and it is wonderful! One thing she said in class the other night really helped and I took it to heart.

Many people ask if intuition is “just my imagination” or your mind playing tricks on you.

She replies to this: Why would you imagine one thing over another? Ok, so say it’s your imagination, why would you picture red and not blue? Why not any other combination versus something else?

When thinking of a friend why would you see a particular visual in your mind’s eye for them? Or think of one person over another at all? Symbols are trying to come to you and they sometimes try a few different ways. Why would you get a good feeling about one person and a bad feeling about another person?

I have been able to confirm things which I have suspected were accurate but had little validation by doing practice readings (or had a hard time accepting it when I did).

It’s almost creepy how accurate it was when we did mutual private readings with fellow students for each other. My paried partner (a stranger over the phone) described details down to immediately seeing a computer for me. She saw many other things for me including the office I work in having “lots of glass”. We even have glass offices, studies, and all!

When reading for her, I saw a woman running on the beach and lots of white like a white uniform. It turns out she is a nurse and runs on the beach. We were both tempted to interrupt each other to say “Yes! Yes!”, it was so fun!

It’s blowing my mind to wonder how many other things I have seen in my mind’s eye and perceived (a lot) and that they are most likely accurate. How many things do we feel and sense that are actually true?

I’ve also known that even if you are spot on, people can’t always acknowledge your accuracy either. As I suspect we all have at times, I have been giving readings all my life without even doing it formally. I’ve blurted out things that popped into my head that people have remembered for years. Later telling me that it was exactly what they needed to hear at the time (this is an example of Clairaudience as  Clairaudience and Clairvoyance can trigger each other, sister abilities)

I’ve freaked out a fair number of people in my day by repeating what I thought they said outloud. Then having them inform me that they were thinking that exact thing but hadn’t actually said it outloud.

We are all connected and can sense each other whenever we want. It’s just a choice to tune in and I’m gaining greater confidence in my abilities by taking this course and it’s really wonderful.

I can see how this is going to change my whole way of viewing myself as well. It’s really easy to grow confidence in other areas of life just to know that the visions that have always come naturally to me are not only real but accurate.

There are some things we can’t know or aren’t ready to know that we hide from ourselves , more than that we actually “don’t know”.

Our life is waiting to be shaped and molded, to appear like in a painting or work of divine art. We must clear our vision and cleanse out the dead leaves to accept it.