Is your house the right fit for you? Numerology knows.

Numerology has always been a subject that I’ve enjoyed dabbling in.

Since I’m about to move again this came up during my reflective time. I started wondering about house numbers and their spiritual meaning.

Could the number on our house that we chose, reflect something in our lives we need? I have moved often so it’s easy for me to liken this to life paths at the time and struggles (and good stuff) I need to go through to grow as a person.

For example, one apartment I was in for four years and really enjoyed it there. It helped that there was a giant tree just outside and it was at the back of the complex, what’s not to love? and when I walked in I felt “This is a place of healing”.

Numbers drive our world far more than we’d like to admit. From our paychecks, to the amount of gas we are riding low on. They can have spiritual and deeply symbolic meanings as well.

Numbers can have special meaning that we don’t even realize until later. Here is an example of how to add it up since numerology ‘addition’ can be weird:

It’s added up by deducing it to one number. Say your house number is 6879 you’d figure it out like this: 6+8+7+9=30 then = 3+0= 3 so your house would be a 3.

Here is a fantastic resource from someone who thought it long before I did and has great house descriptions!

My previous place is a 9 and it’s been really rough and my new place is going to be a 4. What does this mean? Reading the blog post mentioned above, it sounds like 7 is my ideal house type (mystical!) but 4 isn’t too bad either.

You can dabble or get really into it. There is everything from life path numbers, soul numbers, master numbers. It’s fun stuff.