Do I have to physically see auras to read them?

Before taking clairvoyant class I had always assumed that I had to see auras with my physical eyes.

It turns out that the color you perceive in your mind’s eye is perfectly acceptable and usually on point.

Most places I’ve heard about and read on reading auras will tell you to practice by having a person stand by a white background, or white wall. Then try to look off to the side of them and try to see colors but relax while doing it, try without trying to see it almost. I have seen auras physically a few times. So the question remains do you have to physically see auras to read them in any form? Nope!

I had a boss once that could physically see auras and she always said she knew when I was feeling sick as I’d have gray around me. My coworker and I tried to see auras and practice but we couldn’t really get anything solid, in the end (we tried the above method with the wall).

I’ve found this with lots of psychic skills as of late whilst taking clairvoyant class, they don’t necessarily have seen with our physical eyes.

I also tend to think if we do, we dismiss it before we ever really see it. If someone’s energy or aura just feels ‘blue’ or ‘red’ for some reason to you, there are ways to probe this more in depth for yourself or for them.

The simplest way asking ‘it’ “Why are you red?” and just allow yourself to sense the answer. Typically it just pops in my head and there it is. “I feel sick” , I may ‘hear’ that or see them doubled over and coughing.

It has always happened so fast for me that I didn’t realize I was seeing a flash of anything. I’d just ask “Aww, have you been sick lately?” and get the inevitable reply “Yeah…how did you know? my throat has been bugging me…” etc. It’s only been these last few months that I have been learning to slow down my brain and realized I’ve been seeing images this whole time.

I went to a spiritual conference in 2012 and saw the presenters aura with my physical eyes. I suppose since then it’s been my expectation (for too long it seems) that unless I experience that again, am I really seeing their aura or sensing it correctly?

It was easy to know in that instance that it was real as she was speaking and I saw white glowing all around her. It was impossible to physically ignore as she was African American so it was very clear.

She was speaking about the connection of elements (water, earth, air, fire) within the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator). It was something she was passionate about and when I looked up what a white aura meant it said “The color of a true teacher”. I’d believe it!

I’ve also heard there are rings in your aura, it shifts in color and sometimes at first can appear clear-like.

One book I read states that peoples aura fluctuates when they are lying (even if they aren’t intentionally, but it’s not the exact truth). And it ripples and waves in different ways also, depending on the circumstances. Fascinating stuff.

I am curious now as to when I start to practice seeing them clairvoyantly in my mind’s eye if I will see them more often physically. Most things I’ve read in the past talk about allowing yourself to believe it, being the biggest barrier which makes a lot of sense. Children see auras easily before 5 and that’s why they will color a dog green or a person blue or put rings around them. We talk them out of it typically but the strong few hold on.

I remember I wrote when I was 5 “Black, White, Green, Purple, Blue THE WORLD IS LOVE!!!” and had a rainbow. I mostly remember because I kept that piece of paper hidden in my closet and looked on it on occasion.

I wonder now if it was my soul speaking to me and in my atheist house, a way to remember who I am.

Most readings combine issues in the aura showing up as issues in your personal life, and explain  this with possible blocks in chakras.

A quick list off the top of my head might look like this:

Red – Root – blocked safety issues/not feeling safe, not enough physical rest, eating badly.

Orange – Sacral – blocked creativity, sexuality, identity crisis.

Yellow – Solar Plexus – Not feeling belonging, out of snyc with others around you, physically ill. Yellow also seems to represent the ‘god’ in all of us so this could be an interesting thought as well here.

Green – Heart – Lack of love, not being in sync with your love for yourself, others, universe, feeling unloved and challenges there.

Blue – Throat – Not saying what you really want, not living your most authentic life/fakeness, not speaking your truth.

Purple – Third eye- Struggling to live according to your values, not seeing clearly your path or allowing it to unfold, confused about life path.

White – Crown – Not feeling connected to a force greater than yourself, your community – This could also be a good thing I suspect as white can mean purity and clarity. I suppose it would depend on the rest of their ‘rings’.

There are so many areas to explore just with auras, aura readings with physical pictures that it can be quite overwhelming. One day at a time!