is dmt natural?

Do psychics naturally trip ?! Are you missing out?!

Fact: we have DMT naturally in our bodies. You produce more when you’re breathing or breathing deeply.  Or…in a trance or meditative state.

Psychics and mediums pick up subtle energies and vibes fast.

Psychics have more ready-to-go DMT than most people. Like a drive-thru. We get fries with that. even if we aren’t asking.

Kinda like that guy in middle school gym class that always got picked first for dodgeball, he was just GOOD. naturally.  Everyone has intuition and gut feelings, psychics and mediums just hone it or are naturally good at it without trying.

Here’s an energy/intuition experiment for you:

1. Get ready to picture a fat fluffy grey cat with giant rainbow wings.

2. Take 3 deep breaths

3. Close your eyes

4. Picture that crazy cat!

how’d it go? if good then…

You just saw what clairvoyant abilities are like. no tripping necessary. try it with a few other things or objects!

Clairvoyant folks need little or no prompting.  We just describe what we see.

also, if that made ya laugh, you’re welcome

if not, welllllllll my jokes aren’t for everyone.