Why are you here? like really? Maybe there’s something that’s been driving you freaking nuts? plaguing your very existence?

Should you stay in that job with the psycho boss because it MIGHT look good on your resume?

Are you with the right guy or is he just a basic douchebag? Can’t stop thinking about what grandma said before she died? Wondering if a ghost is haunting you?

Or are you a psychic or medium and creeped the f*ck out about your gifts? Not sure what the hell is going on!?

Are you feeling like you might be a bit nuts?

A. You’re not nuts (okay well not crazier than any of the rest of us).
B. You’re NOT ALONE!
C. I’m here with you. Breathe.

I’m trained in this stuff. I got your spiritual back.

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(It’s mostly about psychic stuff but I’m human, like you, so it has other stuff too.)

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