lightworker family members

My grandfather was a lightworker

My Grandfather’s spirit was that of a lightworker. Was someone in your family a lightworker? I remember once helping him dig up potatoes when I was a little girl. It was a tough job so by helped, I mean I giggled with him. He laughed at my silly jokes while he did all the real …

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How to stop psychic doubt!

Is it just my imagination Or did they think, feel, say that? I’ve wondered this countless times in the past. I’ve mostly dismissed feelings or impressions about someone, something, or some situations. Have you ever had this experience? Only later to find that you were completely accurate? It was so easy to doubt what I’d get. …

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What to do when Mercury is in Retrograde!

Mercury is in retrograde and that means it appears to be moving backwards or turned away from us. It is believed that Mercury affects our communications, electronic or verbal. I’ve found it’s best not to try not to do any “big” things during this time. Big things like signing contracts, get married, get divorced, buy …

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